I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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Feeling: Calm. Loving my life.
Eating: Um... life?
Drinking:Dasani water
Wearing: Jeans, black tank top with built in bra, lavender panties, eith a little sleeping kitty on them, my claddagh, green choker and matching earrings, contacts, vestiges of the day's make-up, black belt.

Listening to:
*Hummmmrumblerumblerumble* It's my washing machione making contented noises.
Chatting with:
Keeping my own counsel.
Thinking: "I need to concentrate on my posture more."
Remembering: Dave's tongue ring.
Glad for: My ability to move past fear into growth.

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Today is: 2002-11-03 - @ 3:14 p.m.
10 pounds of apples

all time - is relative
I have had a good day so far. I have spent the majority of it with ben, who has been coming to the youth group I run now (he's been coming for the spiritual aspects as well, don't look at me like that Peter). After church I went out to lunch with him, his mother and his grandmother. His grandma is soo cool. Then we stopped by See Canyon, which is an apple farm, and I picked up ten pounds of Arkansas Blacks, a really good type of apple. He makes me suprisingly happy. Whenever I'm around him, I just feel calmer. We bring out the best in each other. We read an astrology book together (we're both Pisces) and it said that no one can ever really understand a Pisces as well as another Pisces. I don't know if it is true for all Pisces, but it is for us. It nice never to have to explain that I'm joking.

Ben took some really good pictures of me today. What is pretty amazing is that I look good. And he promised me he would post them on a site and show me how to put on a link up. If anyone cares. If you do, drop me a note! Notes make me happy.

Quote for the Entry: "You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry." ~Author Unknown

That is just really fitting.

all time - is relative

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