I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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Feeling: Calm. Loving my life.
Eating: Um... life?
Drinking:Dasani water
Wearing: Jeans, black tank top with built in bra, lavender panties, eith a little sleeping kitty on them, my claddagh, green choker and matching earrings, contacts, vestiges of the day's make-up, black belt.

Listening to:
*Hummmmrumblerumblerumble* It's my washing machione making contented noises.
Chatting with:
Keeping my own counsel.
Thinking: "I need to concentrate on my posture more."
Remembering: Dave's tongue ring.
Glad for: My ability to move past fear into growth.

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Today is: 2002-12-13 - @ 6:18 p.m.
the day of a nut in a nutshell

all time - is relative

It's a Friday night. I'm told I'm very attractive, and yet I'm sitting in front of a box of wires and computer chips.

*Bigger Sigh*

I just heard my father slam the door as he stormed out. He got on a control trip again last night. He saw fit to bully me into tears, becuase he felt I was being uncommucative. Why the fuck do you think that is?

I need to stop perpetuating negativity, it is just coming back and biting me in the ass.

Anyways, on a lighter note, I'm not sure if I told you guys, but Mike and I are going out. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Wait, don't I remember her saying something about not dating anyone for a while? That boys are more trouble than their worth?" Yeah, I did. So what? I'm happy now.

Quote for the Entry: (My biology teacher to me after seeing Mike and I kissing the the hall after class the previous day) Mr. Lopez: "So, Stasha, exactly what were you doing out there?"

Me: "Making my day better."

I thought it was funny. So did he.

all time - is relative

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