I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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Feeling: Calm. Loving my life.
Eating: Um... life?
Drinking:Dasani water
Wearing: Jeans, black tank top with built in bra, lavender panties, eith a little sleeping kitty on them, my claddagh, green choker and matching earrings, contacts, vestiges of the day's make-up, black belt.

Listening to:
*Hummmmrumblerumblerumble* It's my washing machione making contented noises.
Chatting with:
Keeping my own counsel.
Thinking: "I need to concentrate on my posture more."
Remembering: Dave's tongue ring.
Glad for: My ability to move past fear into growth.

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Today is: 2003-04-01 - @ 6:39 p.m.

all time - is relative
I played soooo many April Fool's Day jokes on people.

I convinced people:

I was pregnant. (2 people fooled, including my sister)

I was going away to a boarding school (Ben fell for that one)

My sister was pregnant and having a shotgun wedding (Mike and Ben again fell for that)

The answering machine was on the fritz (My mom, and the first one of the day. It actually started out accidental.)

Andy was going back out with Amy, and he rubbed it in my face at school (Ariel, Natasha, Kate)

Generally had a horrible day (Everyone)

It was the first and last times I have ever, and will ever, play April Fool's Day jokes on people. It was just sorta mean, and I felt bad, and called everyoe back and told them I was sorry. Which I am.

But damn, am I a good actress.

Quote for the Entry: "I just didn't know who else to call... I think I'm pregnant." -Me

Ok, now I feel really bad. But it was still damn funny.

all time - is relative

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