I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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Feeling: Calm. Loving my life.
Eating: Um... life?
Drinking:Dasani water
Wearing: Jeans, black tank top with built in bra, lavender panties, eith a little sleeping kitty on them, my claddagh, green choker and matching earrings, contacts, vestiges of the day's make-up, black belt.

Listening to:
*Hummmmrumblerumblerumble* It's my washing machione making contented noises.
Chatting with:
Keeping my own counsel.
Thinking: "I need to concentrate on my posture more."
Remembering: Dave's tongue ring.
Glad for: My ability to move past fear into growth.

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Today is: 2003-05-04 - @ 1:32 p.m.
No more rattling on about prom, I promise. Until I find the pictures. Or next year.

all time - is relative

Amy ended up crying at one of the tables at the end of the night after she finally realized that she and Andy ARE NO LONGER DATING! Hmm... and it's only been how many weeks?

I'm sorry, that was cruel of me. I'm done now. Back to prom.

I looked great. I knew it, and I loved it. I'll post pics once Joel sends them to me. Speaking of, Joel was fantastic, we had a great time, everyone looked fabulous.

One thign about prom, it was one more thing that made me realize my best friends at SLOHS are seniors, and they are all leaving very, very soon. Subsequently, I will be very, very lonely. Andy said something to me the other day, "You know, this would be perfect if you were a senior." But I'm not. I'm a sophmore, and it sucks, because every day I am finding it harder and harder to find people I can relate to on a level that actually matters. Just fuckin around in class doesn't matter. Hanging out downtown doesn't matter. Prom doesn't matter. I don't know what I'm rambling on about. Nevermind.

My dad is paranoid. No, scratch that, he's just insane. So this morning, when I finally get up, he's in the kitchen playing with some walkie-talkies he just bought at Costco (side note: Wtf? Why walkie-talkies for a family where EVERYONE has a cell phone at all times? Explain this to me, please.). I was on the phone with Ariel, and remember that I thought I saw Rusty-puppy on their bed last night when I came up to tell my mom I got home ok, and so asked him if the dog was now sleeping on the bed. He looks at me with this suspicious glare, as if I have been spying on them, and replies yes. Why yes Dad, of course, I spy on you and Mom while your asleep all the time, didn't you know? I find your sleep patterns infintely interesting, and your wide variety of snores are impressive. Please, let me set up my observatory camp in your closet? Thanks. So, back on subject, I tell Ariel about the dog sleeping on the bed, because only recently my dad swore he would never let a dog sleep on the bed. Then I turn, and realize my dad is looking at me as if I am giving away their PIN number or the placement of my mother's tattoo (right above her pubes). "Why do you always tell such personal information? It's my life, none of anyone else's business, ok? Just stop." I'm just looking at him, like, you're joking, right? He couldn't possible care that my BEST FRIEND knew that your dog sleeps on the end of the bed. Come on, it's not like I was telling everyone how he fucks it too. Oops.

It scares me how much I am becoming attached to Andy.

Quote for the Entry: "Darling, you would make a fantastic make-up model. Sebastian would do you up in a heart-beat." -Maggie, the lady whol did my hair and make-up, trained under Versace.

all time - is relative

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