I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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Feeling: Calm. Loving my life.
Eating: Um... life?
Drinking:Dasani water
Wearing: Jeans, black tank top with built in bra, lavender panties, eith a little sleeping kitty on them, my claddagh, green choker and matching earrings, contacts, vestiges of the day's make-up, black belt.

Listening to:
*Hummmmrumblerumblerumble* It's my washing machione making contented noises.
Chatting with:
Keeping my own counsel.
Thinking: "I need to concentrate on my posture more."
Remembering: Dave's tongue ring.
Glad for: My ability to move past fear into growth.

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Today is: 2003-05-26 - @ 12:15 a.m.
I never talk about him in her because it hurts.

all time - is relative
Moments from today with Andy:

"I am yours. There isn't anything stopping me from being yours completely. For a while there it seemed like I was obsessed with sex, simply because I hadn't had it, but now...Now that I've experienced it, I would rather just spend time with you." -him

Randomly, we both just looked at each other, and at the same moment, mouthed, "I love you."

(with his head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat) "I could fall asleep listening to that. But I don't want to fall asleep right now. I want to be awake, and be with you, and fall asleep with you every night. And I do, every night. I close my eyes, and know that you are there. I can almost feel your breath, I can almost smell you and feel you in my arms." -him

The look in his eyes isn't of need. Ever.

"I love the way you smell..." -him

"You smell better." -me

"I don't see how that is possible, as you smell like sex and conditioner, two of my favourite things. Probably because they seem so closely related." -him*

*They are related because the only time we've had sex, afterwards we took a shower

"You are going to be the hardest thing to leave." -him

96 days left until he ships out to the Army.

Happy Birthday, love.

Quote for the Entry: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." ~From the movie Annie

all time - is relative

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